Where else but OB? “Our community is the only one I know of that is open minded enough to accept a business concept as unique as Jungle Java and embrace it so passionately.”

Open for Business, day one. Think anyone will show up?

coffeecommissaryJungle Java was the dream of corporate refugee Beth Turner. Her inspiration came from seeing an under used piece of property and a dearth of outdoor establishments in her little community. It was a very site-specific idea. There was this storefront on the main drag with no store on it and nothing but junk in it, oh and as a side thing they were even selling “the best kitchen faucets“. There was no where to hang out outside and have a cup of coffee, and San Diego should be outdoor cafe capital of the world with our weather. Bingo! The idea was formed.

This is what it looked like before we started.

On a shoestring and a prayer, she and her husband opened Jungle Java. The “opening” was moved up a bit. “When we were making the final preparations for our first opening the next day, my husband opened the gate to go out in the street and take a picture and some people wandered in through the opened gate and ordered a drink! I guess we were open then!”

After we first opened in 1993

“Thanks to all the loyal clientele we’ve had over the years, the Jungle has grown into a lush and tropical retreat from the concrete jungle outside.”

Some of the plants grew, we added some paint, and a canopy over the front half.